This late ripening, high yielding grape likes warm climates but is commonly affected by rot. It has high acidity, tannins and often undergoes a carbonic maceration (a winemaking technique focusing on extraction of flavour without tannin).

Aka Mazuelo, Carignane, Carignano, Carinena, Samso


Previously, Carignan was the most planted grape in France however, plantings have drastically fallen and today Carignan is a confused variety. 

The grape loves warm climates. It suits dry soils in almost desert-like conditions. This means it can be grown in areas that aren’t typically suitable for high-quality wine production. Sadly, this often means it is used in the creation of bulk wines.

Carignan is a fruit forward grape variety, packed full of raspberries and dried cranberries. Better producers can tweeze lovely flavours of cinnamon, liquorice and star anise.  It is a big grape. High in tannin, acid, alcohol, body and intensity. It is rarely seen unblended because of its dominating structure.

While the grape can grow in tough conditions it is very sensitive to a number of diseases including powdery and downy mildew as well as more general rots.

There is also a much lesser known white mutation, rarely seen in the South of France.


Aka Mazuelo, Carignane, Carignano, Carinena, Samso

Carignan a grape by many names….






This is one of the key regions for Carignan and can produce some high quality examples. Here it is almost always blended often with Grenache. Carbonic maceration can be used to soften the naturally harsh structure of the grape.



Cariñena or Mazuelo


The grape called Cariñena is grown in the Spanish DO Cariñena, however it is not the most planted variety there.

In Rioja it is known as Mazuelo and used as part of the blend. It is equally used as a blending component in Priorat and can also be found as the dominate grape. The conditions here suit the grape and enable it to shine.

It is also grown throughout central and south Spain and used in domestic wines.



Bovale Grande

This is one of the most planted grape varieties in Sardinia. The hot dry windy climate suits the grapes’ growing needs.




Yet another name, planted in the South of Italy.




Mainly grown in the very hot Central Valley of California. It is used for low-quality bulk wine production.



Some high-quality examples from thoughtful producers are improving the grapes’ reputation here.



Carignan was the most planted grape variety in Israel. There are some single varietal blends available. Plantings of Carignan are decreasing and being replaced with international varieties.


Other hot locations where Carignan is grown are Cyprus and Turkey.



Key Flavours: Star Anise, Cinnamon, Liquorice, Raspberry, Cranberry

Key Flavours: Star Anise, Cinnamon, Liquorice, Raspberry, Cranberry